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Gay man smiles for selfie after he's attacked, and it's gone viral

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Stock photo - pxhere

In this day and age, it's not a rare event when a social media pic goes viral, but recently a Scottish man posted one that caught the attention of the masses. 

His name is Blair Wilson and he is 21. One night he was on his way home on foot after visiting his mother in the town on Neilston according to Queerty. He says he came face to face with a strange man who called him a "fa**ot." 

Wilson threw caution, and perhaps a bit of common sense to the wind and decided to confront the hater which resulted in a physical attack. The homophobe left Wilson with a bloody nose, cuts to his face and red-stained clothing.

After he fled the scene Wilson pulled out his phone and took a smiling selfie, fresh wounds and all. So far the capture has garnered thousands of responses of support. 

According to Queerty this is what he said to Barrhead News:

“I thought, clearly, this person doesn’t realise how close Neilston is and I just wanted to post something so that, when he sobered up, he might see how much love and support I have.

I knew, as soon as it happened, that I could either keep quiet and feel embarrassed about it or I could shame him over Facebook. As soon as I posted it, even though my nose was still bleeding, I didn’t care.

It’s amazing. I’ve heard from so many people I haven’t spoken to in ages and people I don’t even know telling me I’m an inspiration and stuff. It’s made me feel so good about myself.

I did use some choice words in the post, but the message I wanted to get across is you need to stick up for yourself. Maybe don’t go getting yourself hurt, but show them you have friends, you are loved.

I think some people think because you are a different sexuality from them you have no friends and everyone is in the same mindset of them, when the reality is they’re the minority.

You can prove to them you’re much more loved than they will ever be if they live a life of hate.”

An investigation by local police is in progress.