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Teen smashed Stonewall Inn window and sign over the weekend

Historic bar was vandalized over the weekend by an alleged disgruntled teen.
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On the heels of the anniversary of the Stonewall riots last month, the landmark LGBT bar were the riots began was subject to vandalism by a teenager over the weekend. 

It happened on Saturday when, according to reports, William Gomez, 19, returned to the Stonewall Inn after allegedly having a verbal altercation with a bouncer and was then thrown out. Gomez then returned at about 4:30 am on Saturday and smashed the front window and the historic neon sign

 It should be noted that the establishment is for people 21 and over.

Gomez is from Coney Island and was released on Saturday following his arraignment. He was charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. He caused an estimated $6,800 worth of damages. There were no injuries according to New Now Next

Gomez, from Coney Island, was allegedly thrown out of the bar by a bouncer. Police say he returned hours later with a baseball bat and bashed in the establishment’s window and the iconic neon sign around 4:30 am Saturday, causing about $6,800 in damages. He was not charged with a hate crime and no one was injured.

This isn't the first time Gomez has been arrested. His record consists of assault, criminal impersonation, and robbery.

His mother says her son is not gay and went to the bar with some friends. She says her son told her that the bouncer was harassing someone in his party and he went to their defense. He adds that it was the bouncer who punched him first. 

“He said that a bodyguard was messing with one of his co-workers and he told him to stop,” his mother said. “He then thought the conversation was over but at one point he was punched in the face.”

The Stonewall Inn was able to replace the window in time for re-opening on Saturday.