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Drag queen rushes chapel to disrupt wedding in viral video

Drag queen gets the last say in hilarious wedding video.
Photo credit:
Graham Cole - Facebook

There's probably no greater suspense at a wedding than the time between the priest asking if anyone disapproves of the union and when he continues uninterrupted. That makes this viral video all the funnier when a drag queen makes a dramatic entrance during that moment denouncing the marriage in song. 

Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville of Glasgow, Scotland were making it official when this drag queen burst into the church and startled not only the priest but one of the groom's mothers. According to LGBTQ Nation, Cherie Trieffel came through the chapel doors, purse first and denounced the marriage lip-syncing  "It Should Have Been Me" by Gladys Knight & the Pips. 

Cherie trods down the aisle to one of the grooms and begins beating him with her purse in a grandiose show of dramatics. Some attendees were surprised by the display but managed to press record on their phones. 

The joke was on the wedding party as this was a scheduled interruption coordinated by the grooms who didn't tell one of their mothers or their priest about the bit.

Viewers are getting a kick at the nuptial antics, over 5 million of them, and it truly made this big day even bigger. 

You can watch the hilarious display HERE.