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Church evicted over homophobic signage

The Remnant Fellowship Church in Indiana was ousted from its space by the landlord for a homophobic sentiment they posted on a lawn marquee. 

Late last month the church wrote “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. Repent.” on its signage positioned near the street. "All are welcome" was also attached next to the anti-gay sentiment. 

A church elder Robert Sturges explained that the message was one of love reports LGBTQ Nation

“We’re trying to reach a certain group of people,” he said. “They’re being told in our culture that homosexuality, transvestites, lesbianism, and sexual immorality is ok. But the Bible clearly says that those who practice these things will not inherit the Kingdom of God. In fact, it warns them that the wrath of God will abide upon them. And in the judgment, they will be lost and they will be sent to hell forever. We believe that. That’s our faith.”

A nearby resident who was upset over the verbiage rearranged the letters to read, "Stay Open-minded." 

Tammy Kessler says she revisited the location but noticed the congregation had moved on. 

“I just wanted to come and look and check the sign out and they were gone. The sign and everything,” she said. 

A Remnant Fellowship Church representative confirms that they were thrown out. “It’s been evicted. Looking for another building," they said according to Raw Story. 

You can watch a local report from WANE News 15 HERE.