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Rising San Diego temperatures cause closure of two popular hiking trails

Three Sisters and Cedar Creek Falls trails are closed until July 9.
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Stock photo - Hike San Diego

As summer temperatures continue to rise the U.S. Forest Service has announced the closure of two popular hiking trails in San Diego.

Three Sisters and Cedar Creek Falls trails will be closed Thursday, July 5, through Monday, July 9 reports ABC 10 News

In temperate conditions, the trails are already challenging, but as summer heat waves get underway using them can be life-threatening.

Every year there are several fatalities because of the heat and hundreds require medical assistance while braving hiking trails in the excessive heat. 

Temperatures are expected to break 90-degrees this week. 

Here are some recommendations from the Sheriff's Department for hiking in the summer:

Buddy up - Walk or exercise with a partner.

Phone home - Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return, and take your phone.

Drink up - Stay hydrated!  You'll need at least a gallon of water per person during a hike.

Dress for the heat - Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing and bring a hat.

Take regular breaks - Find some shade where you can stop.

Leave your dog at home - Trails are not easy on the paws because they're littered with rocks.

Head inside - if the heat seems overwhelming, don't sweat it.