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Teen charged with hate crime, accused of holding man hostage for several days

Teenager charged with hate crime for allegedly beating and starving another man because he is gay.
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Middlesex County

Jackson Sugrue, 19, of Framingham, Massachusetts is being charged with a hate crime after allegedly holding another man hostage for four days, beating and starving him. 

Sugrue is accused of keeping the 50-year-old victim, Otoni Eliseu, against his will because he is gay, calling him homophobic slurs. 

“He attacked me on my back, on my butt, [saying] ‘you’re gay, you like me’,” Eliseu reportedly said, according to Boston 25.

Dylan Krasinski, the prosecutor in the case bolsters that claim, “He kept saying it over and over. The victim believes this is what led to the assault."

Eliseu was able to escape this past Saturday after reportedly spending two weeks with the accused, both men allegedly smoking crack. Then on Wednesday, June 27,  Sugrue became violent, striking the victim with a coffee table.

These actions resulted in Sugrue not only being charged with a hate crime, but assault and battery, and intimidation of a witness.

His attorney, Kenneth Gross, asserts that it is actually Sugrue who is the victim and the older gentleman was "trying to entice my client to do things that were against his nature.”

Sugrue's parents agree. “My son is a victim of a 50-year-old man,” said his mother Terry Sugrue who also claims that the alleged victim had an obsession with her son.  

His father added, “It’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest my son would have anything to do with a hate crime.”

A restraining order has been issued and Sugrue is due back in court on Aug. 1 for a pretrial conference.