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Ohio bill seeks to jail teachers if they assist trans kids

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Conservatives in Ohio are pushing for a bill that would make teachers and other school officials blow the whistle on students who want to be recognized outside of the gender they were assigned at birth. 

The proposal, House Bill 658, if passed would make it illegal for any "government entity" to provide treatment to kids with gender dysphoria without a parent or guardians consent. Doing so would result in a possible fourth-degree felony according to LGBTQ Nation

House Bill 658 would make it a fourth-degree felony if any “government entity” – including schools – provided any treatment without consent of parents or guardians.

“No government agent or entity shall purposely or knowingly authorize or provide gender dysphoria treatment for a child without the written, informed consent of each of the child’s parents and the child’s guardian or custodian."

 A conviction would mean a six to 18-month prison sentence which carries the same weight as sex with a minor or grand theft auto. 

Further, the bill would not allow the court system to make decisions of parental custody if the parent won't allow their child to transition. 

Republican legislature, Tom Brinkman was inspired by a story about a Cincinnati child who was relocated to their grandparent's house after the parents refused to give them hormone replacement therapy. 

“HB 658 codifies into the law what we’ve always known: parents have a fundamental right to decide what is best for their children,” said Brinkman during this past June.

Ohio trans activists are working overtime against the bill.

“The state policing of behavior opens a can of worms, states Equality Ohio in a release on their website. “Who is the judge of which gender is allowed to do what? If Jane signs up for shop class, will her parents receive a government letter? If Jordan doesn’t want to play football, do his parents get a letter? What if Alex wants to attend a meeting of the student LGBTQ group – does the school email that to Alex’s parents?”