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Art installation at a local nightclub is becoming a landmark and getting a lot of love

Large Pride sign brings the community together outside Rich's Nightclub in Hillcrest.
Photo credit:
Nicole Murrary-Ramirez

San Diego shows its pride in many big and colorful ways and this year Rich’s Nightclub is taking that premise to a new level with a huge new “Pride” art installation that's not only a statement on its own but something the community is literally gathering around. 

The piece is now standing outside Rich's on University Avenue. Ryan Bedrosian, Rich's general manager had some help coming up with the idea then got all of the staff involved. 

With the help of artist Andrew Jacobson the crew got to work; it took three days to complete. 

Made of plywood and painted in rainbow colors with a large side-sitting red heart representing red, the structure stands 8-feet-tall and  20-feet-wide. 

People have already adopted the structure as a Hillcrest landmark, taking selfies in front of it with friends and family then posting them to social media.  

Ryan says the sign will be up for 24-hours through July, although they will move it to the Block Party in time for San Diego Pride.

As to whether this will be a permanent landmark or seasonal one remains to be seen. 

San Diego Pride is Friday, July 13, to July 15, 2018.

Rich's is located at 1051 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103