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Christians apologize to the LGBT community

The Church of Freedom in Christ Ministries apologizes to Filipino LGBT Pride parade attendees.
Photo credit:
Jamilah Salvador - Twitter

Pride month came to a close in the Philippines with a message of hope and forgiveness this past weekend, the apology coming from a Christain group who attended a Pride parade near the capital city of Manila. 

The religious group didn't show up with banners containing homophobic rhetoric or appropriated scripture used as weapons of hate, this group held signs that said "I'm sorry." 

The Church of Freedom in Christ Ministries stood fast at the entrance of the parade according to CNN with messages of regret and acknowledgment of LGBT persecution by the church. 

"We're here to apologize for the ways that we as Christians have harmed the LGBT community," read one banner. "Can we hug you?" asked another. 

One parade-goer was moved by the sentiment and became emotional at the sight. "It was so genuine and most of us got teary-eyed when we saw them," said Kohlin Lallabban.

The large religious group is a part of the church's "I'm Sorry" campaign which hopes to bridge the gap between LGBT people and the way they are scrutinized by Christians and their use of biblical text to preach homophobia. 

"We do not need the recognition of people but the heart-warming response of those who accepted our sincere apologies motivates and encourages us to continue doing this mission of our church," the church wrote on their Facebook page.

Seeing the apologetic demonstration meant a lot to Lallabban, who says the nation's large Catholic culture can often demean the LGBT community. 

"It was just so empowering to have that kind of support from the very people who shunned us away."

Twitter user and blogger Jamilah Salvador was there and snapped a few photos of the demonstration. "I literally cried when I saw this kanina," she wrote. "Imagine living in a society with nothing but love and respect for each other. #RiseUpTogether."