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Priest who allegedly used altar to have sex with another man on video put on leave

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Using the altar as a place to have sex with another man and then filming it, one priest at St Bartholomew’s Church, Kildorrery, in the Cloyne Diocese of North Cork has been put on "personal leave," according to Queerty

The video in question was found online this past May and sparked an investigation by the state police. Then recently, The Irish Mirror received documents that confirmed the priest was using the pulpit to engage in sex and that he has been given a leave of absence.  

“He has taken so-called personal leave to deal with his issues,” a source told The Irish Mirror. “It is understood he has been suffering from some mental difficulties and some addiction problems.”

The source continues to say the entire thing was a scandalous affair and locals were devastated by it, "When the video came to public attention he suffered a lot of adverse attention and in discussions with his bishop it was decided he would take time out."

Initially, Bishop Pat Buckley became aware of the pornographic material and alerted church leaders. 

“I reported the images to the Catholic Church hierarchy and I am told they have gone to the gardai [state police],” Buckley said.