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Former ED of Log Cabin Republicans nominated by Trump for top White House position

The former head of the Log Cabin Republicans may take a top spot in the Trump cabinet.
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Former Log Cabin Republican head R. Clarke Cooper has been nominated by Donald Trump to a top position at the State Department for political and military affairs.

Cooper, who is openly gay served as executive director for the Log Cabin Republicans in 2010. The White House announced on Thursday that he is on track to become assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs along with two other nominees. 

If appointed his duties would include "linking the Defense Department with the State Department in areas such as international security, military operations and defense strategy," reports The Washington Blade. 

Ambassador Tina Kaidanow has held the position since 2016.

According to the White House bio page, Cooper is a combat veteran who currently serves as the Director of Intelligence Planning for Joint Special Operations Command’s Joint Inter-Agency Task Force – National Capital Region.

Among his other accolades, Mr. Cooper has a background in "intergovernmental affairs, foreign policy, counter-terrorism, and rule of law is coupled with his extensive operational experience."

While he served with the Log Cabin Republicans, Cooper led an effort in court to challenge the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, asked that his party support allowing gays to serve in the military and supported same-sex marriage. 

Cooper worked inside the Bush administration in the State Department as U.S. Alternate Representative to the U.N. Security Council, U.S. Delegate to U.N. Budget Committee, senior advisor in Near Eastern Affairs Bureau and advisor at U.S. Embassy-Baghdad from 2005 to 2006.

His work with the Log Cabin Republicans is not mentioned in his White House bio.