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San Diego Humane Society gets huge expansion, more responsibilities July 1

There are about 50 - 60 positions left to fill. 
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San Diego Humane Society

On July 1, the San Diego Humane Society will increase its reach to six cities including San Diego when they expand their services to include pet adoptions and other commitments, something the City had previously taken care of for 47 years. 

In 2017, San Diego said they would discontinue animal services and San Diego City Council’s Budget and Government Efficiency Committee proposed that the San Diego Humane Society take over the responsibilities for a term of 18-months.

Councilman Chris Ward said this past April, “The county is really disappointing us all — after 45 years just getting out of the business. We’re doing our best to pick up really big pieces here.” 

One of those many pieces will require the Humane Society to hire over 200 people and build new facilities increasing their budget to $50 million. 

According to society’s Chief Executive Gary Weitman, their animal population will increase from 30,000 to 50,000. 

"It's the largest increase in our business model in our 139-year history," Weitzman said last week.

Weitzman is confident that the transition will be as smooth as possible. Focus groups helped determine what services should take precedence, but there are about 50 - 60 positions left to fill. 

"Anybody who has a passion for animals and would like to join the Humane Society, this would be the time," Weitzman said

You can apply to the San Diego Humane Society HERE. 

Also on July 1, a universal number will go live for people to report animal issues: (619) 299-7012