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Normal Heights church is helping immigrants who need shelter

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Christ United Methodist Church in Normal Heights, on Mansfield Street, is home for many families seeking asylum reports Fox 5.

"Most of them were brought to us by immigration and customers enforcement," said Pastor Bill Jenkins.

Immigration officials call him daily asking for space but there have been no calls about kids being held at the border.

"As a minister, I want to name it as evil. It's not just sin, it is downright evil to rip babies out of their mother's arms," said Jenkins.

As with most people, Pastor Jenkins is worried that the hundreds of kids who have been taken from their parents will not be reunited. 

"The children have been taken into custody in the U.S. and there's no way to map back to them," he said.

Jenkins has become a foster parent to one child from Haiti and says that's the only payment he needs 

"If there's any reward for doing what we've done for my wife and I, it is the fact that God has allowed him to be a part of our family," he said.