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Bay area drag performer beaten just a little distance from SF Eagle

San Francisco drag performer attacked just outside of gay bar.
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San Francisco Police are advising people to walk in groups after a popular drag performer named Ginger Snap, née Tim Tait, was attacked by an unknown assailant after leaving the San Francisco Eagle on June 8.  

His injuries were severe enough to require stitches to his forehead, blacken both of his eyes, and break one of his front teeth. 

Tait says he wasn't in drag when he left the bar in the South of Market district at about 10 pm, he headed up the street and turned a corner to go home. 

"Got about one-quarter of the way down the block when I felt a bang to the head and started to get attacked," Tait told reporters. he says he was hit, kicked and pulled down the sidewalk. He didn't go directly to the hospital after the attack but then called emergency services when the bleeding wouldn't stop.

"I walked home (1 short block away) and realized how much I was bleeding from my head," he said in a Facebook post. "So I called 911 and spent the evening getting tests done. EKG, cat scan, the works. Gave me some meds, but 2 days later the gash on my head was not getting better, so I want back to the ER to get it checked out."

Officer Joseph Tomlinson with the San Francisco Police Department said they may have some clues, "We did locate surveillance camera video so we are reviewing those now and looking at the footage to see if it captures anything that will help us."

Tait has been updating his status through social media as shocked friends and family offer their aid.

"I want to thank all of you for your loving support, there were so many messages out there and I can't thank you enough. I wanted you to know that I'm feeling a lot better and I don't have a lot of pain...You won't see me in drag for two or three weeks because that's how long it's gonna take...I'm on the mend and I love you all." 

Tait's employer has started a fundraiser to help with recovery and medical bills. There is also a GoFundMe page for people to make donations.

With San Francisco Pride Weekend starting on June 23, police are recommending that people travel in the company of others.

"If you have the ability to move with a group, absolutely do so," said Robert Rueca, also with SFPD to KGO-TV.