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Ann Coulter says kids photographed weeping at border are "child actors"

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On the heels of First Lady Melania Trump’s statement about the treatment of children at U.S.-Mexico border facilities, conservative and FOX News regular Ann Coulter is convinced that the traumatized kids being photographed are just actors.

She said Monday, “As long as you incentivize people to come here from south of the border, they’re going to keep dying crossing the desert as long as you keep that magnet on. And what greater magnet is there than citizenship, Medicare, Medicaid, free health care? Yeah, that’s why people voted for a wall.  These child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now—do not fall for it, Mr. President. I get very nervous about the president getting his news from TV.”

She then goes on to reference an article that as of this writing hasn’t been confirmed to exist: “The New Yorker is not a conservative publication. They describe how these kids, these kids are being coached. They’re given scripts to read by liberals, according to The New Yorker. Don’t fall for the actor children.”

Meanwhile over the weekend Mrs. Trump sais through a spokesperson that she "hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform"