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Man on rental scooter struck by car in Hillcrest, severely injured

Man injured after being hit by a car in rental scooter in Hillcrest
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Bird Scooter

An unidentified man, 41, was hit on his rideshare Bird scooter in Hillcrest Monday night. Police say he suffered major injuries after he was struck on Washington Avenue by a Toyota Prius that was exiting northbound 163.

According to NBC 7, law enforcement isn't sure if the rider was wearing a helmet.

Another vehicle, a Chevy truck, was also involved in the crash and the driver of that vehicle says he wasn't sure if he also hit the scooter.

"I saw the electric scooter in the street with the light on and I saw the body, and I tried to swerve off and I think -- I don't know if I hit him or not. That's what the cops are trying to figure out right now," Christian Gibson told NBC 7.

He continues to say that the driver of the Prius was crying and distraught after the collision and immediately called 911

Police closed the northbound 163 off-ramp to Washington and Washington was blocked off at 9th Avenue.

No other information was available.