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Politician who harassed a trans woman in bathroom sunk in the polls

Jazmina Saavedra lost her bid for a congressional seat, only getting 10% of the votes.
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The Los Angeles politician who filmed herself berating a transgender woman using the bathroom at Denny’s restaurant won’t be taking a seat at California’s 44th House district this political cycle.

Last month, Jazmina Saavedra (R) stalked the woman with her phone calling her a man and a “stupid guy” before criticizing California’s anti-discrimination laws. Then she took a taser gun and pepper spray out of her purse, "you never know what crazy people you will find in public restrooms." 

All of this was captured on her cell phone and uploaded to her Facebook page, but was later removed.

Her antics may be the reason why she only received 10% of the vote for the congressional seat, the majority of votes went to Nanette Barragan (D) with 66-percent and Aja Brown (D) with 17-percent.

Saavedra has not apologized for the incident and the HRC has suggested an investigation into her actions as a hate crime. In a June 1 post on Facebook she wrote, “Should someone be in jail because they are not psychic? Because I couldn't see through walls and doors??”

She also Tweeted out on Thursday, "HE is still a just a male drug addict using a ladies room" referring to the woman she stalked in the bathroom stall.