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WeHo City Council berated for declaring "Stormy Daniels Day"

West Hollywood citizens criticize City Council, Mayor Duran for giving Stormy Daniels the key to the city.
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West Hollywood citizens turned out for the City council meeting on Monday night to criticize Mayor John Duran and Councilmember John D’Amcio for presenting adult movie actress and Trump challenger Stormy Daniels the key to their city.  

“You two were absolutely giddy. You were like 12-year-olds,” lesbian activist Ivy Bottini said at the meeting reports WEHOville “Did you have fantasies?”

Last month Mayor Duran made a proclamation that May 23 would be “Stormy Daniels Day.” The ceremony took place at the Chi Chi LaRue erotic apparel boutique on Santa Monica Boulevard. Daniels, nee Stephanie Clifford, was there to promote her t-shirts.

The Proclamation was signed by all the council members and D’Amico presented her with the symbolic key.

 Bottini criticized the choice to give Daniels the honor saying that Cosby whistleblower Andrea Constand or actress Rosie Perez who has helped Puerto Ricans recover from a 2017 hurricane would have been a better choice.

“Do you ever think of the city as a city that you represent for all the people, or is it only LGTB people?” Bottini asked. “I’m LGBT, but there are other people here, there are residents who do not like pornography. Plus, she may be a nice person, but it’s extortion.”

Former City Council candidate Cynthia Blatt asked that City Hall step in and investigate what she thinks is a city Code of Conduct violation.

She says Council members needed the permission of the rest of the council when doing something so highly publicized. She cited FOX news for their national coverage.

Blatt then referenced Duran’s past troubles of alleged sexual harassment of City Hall Deputy Ian Owens which was eventually settled out of court for $500,000.

“Given this long history of malfeasance, John Duran has cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements of sexual harassment suits. That violates section 5.1.”

She added: “I ask the city attorney and the city manager per the city’s code of conduct to censure the mayor for his sullying the name of the city.”

Former council member Steve Martin commended council members John Heilman, Lauren Meister and Lindsey Horvath “for having the common sense to not show up at this circus event that was truly an embarrassment to the City of West Hollywood.”

During the City Council meeting, Bottini, 92, was accused of being off-topic which was supposed to be about the homelessness initiative. She began to argue and was moved by a Sheriff’s deputy.

Daniels herself was met with criticism when she and her security entourage visited The Abbey nightclub after receiving the key to the city. Abbey owner David Cooley complained about their behavior in a Facebook post. 

“They were rude to many of our guests, they were aggressive with several of our staff, they were shoving press outside and being generally rude," he wrote at the time. "They also walked out on their bill and didn’t tip their server. This is not the behavior that we tolerate at The Abbey."

Daniel's later apologized which Cooley then accepted.