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Restaurateur shouts homophobic slurs at Iowa Pride because porta-potties were placed in front of his eatery

Porta-potty presence during Pride causes business owner to go on homophobic tirade.
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Quad City Times

It’s Pride season and that means sudden parade re-routings, loss of parking and plenty of porta-potties. But one restaurant owner from Iowa doesn’t seem to understand the logistics of it all and went on a homophobic tirade because two were placed in front of his business during Pride.

 Last weekend, according to Queerty, John Wisor became irate after two portable stalls were stationed in front of his restaurant during the Pride Fest in East Davenport.

Volunteers who witnessed Wisor’s meltdown said he ran out into the street and shouted at people calling them “f*cking queers” and “f*ggots.”

“He said you need to move these, you need to move these you f*cking queer or I’m going to move them myself," said Cody Hootman, a member of QC Pride. “We said we were not going to move the toilets, and he said, ‘Yes, you are, you f*cking queers!’”

Wisor says he didn’t do any of that and the accounts are trumped-up, “This is typical, them ginning up stories,” he said, “I’ve been down that road, too; everyone’s got a witness!”

But he doesn’t deny his disdain for the potties' placement.

“Everything stems from poor planning, execution, communication, and utter lack of respect!” he says. “They put those urinals right outside my front door! Does it take a rocket scientist to see that it’ll stink and come into my business?”

Local media dispute Wisor’s claims saying that the potties were not in front of his business and had signs posted on them saying, “Not for public use.”

Using the power of social media, many have said they will boycott Wisor’s business called 11th Street Precinct Bar and Grill.

You can read the full story HERE