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Suspect in Hillcrest standoff taken into custody

Photo credit:
Hillcrest Business Association

This morning San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reported on police activity at a Hillcrest residence.

Officers responded to a suicidal male who may have been holding hostages at gunpoint in a home located at 434 Pennsylvania Avenue just before 8 am.

When police arrived two people exited the house and reported that a man with a shotgun was still inside. They told police that they had not been held against their will.

San Diego Police cordoned off the surrounding area and were able to enter negotiations with the 43-year-old male suspect who was holding a shotgun and would not leave the home.

Just after noon, police used a 40mm rubber projectile and pepper gas to subdue the man who was then taken into custody and transported to a local hospital for medical and psychological evaluation.

Authorities recovered the loaded shotgun. No injuries to law enforcement or citizens have been reported.

An investigation is currently underway.

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