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Richard Grenell takes oath as U.S. Ambassador to Germany

Grenell is now the highest-ranking openly gay man in the administration.
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Last week we reported that former United States UN Ambassador Richard Grenell (R) was finally confirmed to take on the role of Ambassador to Germany under the Trump administration.

On Thursday the openly gay Grenell was sworn in for his new position by Vice President Mike Pence. Grenell’s partner of 15 years, Matt Lashey, held the bible as he took the oath.

Grenell is now the highest-ranking openly gay man in the administration. But it took a while to get there because of some pushback from Democrats who took issue with posts Grenell made on social media in the past.  

Openly gay former Councilmember and Republican mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio released a statement last Thursday congratulating Grenell for this historic appointment.

"Ric not only is eminently qualified as a national security and foreign policy expert but he will be an exceptional role model as a high-ranking LGBT member of this administration," said DeMaio. "I’m outraged that some LGBT organizations failed to support Ric’s nomination simply because he is a Republican."

City Commissioner and San Diego activist Nicole Murray Ramirez also supports Grennell and his new position.

"I have known Ric since his days on Mayor Susan Golding’s staff,” stated Murray Ramirez. “He is the most qualified nominee to become an Ambassador from our community. I talked to him today and let him know how proud of him I am and wished him and his husband the best as they move to Germany to represent our great nation." 

As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale is married to Carl DeMaio.