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High school student in drag crowned prom king

High school senior wins the crown for prom queen dressed in drag.
Photo credit:
Adam Bell - Instagram

A high school student in Powdersville South Carolina was elected prom king over the weekend dressed in full drag and it was met with a lot of criticism --not from his fellow classmates -- but their parents.

Adam Bell is not shy about expressing who he is in school and he certainly wasn’t going to let the prom take that away from him. Openly gay, Bell is a popular student, winning 49-percent of the vote for prom king.

For the special occasion, he wore a white corset top, with a long skirt and cream-colored ankle strap heels. His date Brad wore a pink blazer and white pants.

Bell used Instagram to express his pride and appreciation for his newfound royal title.

“Not only did I win prom king but I had a pretty b(RAD) date, thank you so much to everyone that voted me I had absolutely no idea and I never expected this many people to not only accept me but embrace me I love you all! My senior year has been the best and I’ve acquired some pretty great friends.”

Although his friends were great, some of their parents didn’t care for Bell's choice of attire and trolled the school’s Facebook account to express their displeasure.

"My heart is breaking to see what is happening to our children and young people," posted Rita Stinnett Howard on Facebook. "Society and our schools have brain washed our kids."

In response to the backlash the school issued its own statement:

“This weekend Powdersville High School hosted its annual junior senior prom.  Consistent with the school’s long standing tradition, the students nominated and elected a prom king and queen.  This year the king and queen elected were Aston Irby and Adam Bell.”

Although there was some dissension, others applauded the school and Bell for not backing down. 

"It's so refreshing to know that he is supported," posted Meredith Thomas. "His classmates knew that he'd be in drag and still voted for him. He can wear a dress and run for prom king. I think he looked beautiful. Adam is brave and an honor student. Keep shining!"