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"After much prayer" pediatrician refused to examine lesbian couple's baby

Pediatrician refused service to lesbian couple's baby "after much prayer."
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Beyond I Do

A couple was denied service by a pediatrician because they are gay. Jami and Krista Contreras are in the media spotlight to tell their story for a new national campaign called Beyond I Do.

The Michigan couple like most new parents were ecstatic to welcome their new baby into the world. But that soon turned to despair after the doctor they went to see for a routine checkup legally refused them service.

In Michigan, professionals can refuse clients for being gay, and it's not against the law.

Back in 2015, the women had an appointment with Dr. Vesna Roi before the birth of their daughter Bay Winsor, according to LGBTQ Nation. It wasn’t until after Bay was born that they got the disheartening news that Dr. Roi would not be treating her.

They say they were in the examination room waiting for the physician but another entered the room instead. They asked if Dr. Roi was coming in.

“She said ‘No,’” Krista told ABC-7, “I’m going to be your doctor; your doctor prayed on it and decided she won’t see you all today’.”

“I was completely dumbfounded,” Krista said. “We just looked at each other and said, ‘Did we hear that correctly?’”

Jami adds, “We spoke to other people and they would say, well they can’t do that… that’s not legal, and we looked into it, and it was legal.”

But that wasn’t the last they heard of the wayward Dr. Roi. She wrote them an apology letter saying in part:

"Dear Jami & Krista,

I am writing this letter of apology as I feel that it is important and necessary. I never meant to hurt either of you. After much prayer following your prenatal (visit), I felt that I would not be able to develop the personal patient doctor relationship that I normally do with my patients."

It went on:

"Please know that I believe that God gives us free choice and I would never judge anyone based on what they do with that free choice. Again, I am very sorry for the hurt and angry feelings that were created by this. I hope that you can accept my apology."​

 The couple is reliving their story as a part of the Beyond I Do campaign which brings awareness to states that can openly discriminate against the LGBT community.  

“It was horrifying and humiliating and we just kept thinking god she's 6 days old and she’s already experiencing discrimination,” said Krista. 

“We want people to know that this is happening to families. This is really happening,” said her wife Jami. “It was embarrassing. It was humiliating … It’s just wrong.”