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Parkland survivors are going to the prom together as dates

Cameron Kasky posted a picture with Parkland survivor David Hogg, saying they are going to prom together.
Photo credit:
Twitter - Cameron Kasky

The Twittersphere is pretty ecstatic about a picture posted by Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky in which he embraces classmate and gun reform advocate David Hogg on Monday. The Tweet was captioned simply “Prom 2018.”  

Kasky is openly gay, but Hogg isn’t. As much as people loved the photo, some playfully suggested that Hogg smile. He referenced fellow activist Emma Gonzalez in his response, “@Emma4Change already did.”

Despite Hogg’s facial expression, the response from followers celebrated the duo’s announcement.

Wrote Jessica:

“Everything is SO right about this photo!

Gay + Gay Date = Love

Straight + Straight Date = Friendship

Gay + Straight Date = Kindness

Love + Friendship + Kindness = Humanity”

Another noted how times have changed:

"When I was in High School I wasn't allowed to bring my boyfriend. Thankfully, the world is changing and you two are able to enjoy what we all want. #Prom2k18"

One user showed appreciation for the young men and their work:

"This photo is adorable. I love everything you guys stand for, and I thank you for giving me hope for the future."

The May 5 affair will pay special tribute to the shooting victims who died during the February 14 attack: Nicholas Dworet, Joaquin Oliver, Meadow Pollack, and Carmen Schentrup.