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Gay teacher quits, leaves town after getting threatening letters

Threatening letters forced one teacher to leave his hometown of Seneca, Kansas.
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Michael Hill - Facebook

An instructor at Nemaha Valley High School moved to California from Seneca, Kansas because his life was made a living hell once he came out for National Coming Out Day last October, according to Topeka-Capitol Journal.

Michael Hill, was a visual arts teacher at the school until threatening letters and non-stop harassment drove him out of town.

Local police were unable to determine who penned them and Hill claims the school was not as supportive as they should have been. He posted the letters on Facebook, saying:

“I decided I needed to put these out there because people need to know this kind of ugly hatred still exists in the world only by confronting it can we end it. This was part of a pattern of harassment that started back in October 2017. As a result of this I made the difficult decision to pack up and make a huge leap of faith and moved to Palm Springs, CA,”

The series of letters were direct about what would happen if he stayed in Seneca. The author wrote that Hill wouldn’t be tolerated in the community and they would “take matters into my own hands.”

Hill's car tires were vandalized with a screwdriver and the word “faggot” was drawn into the dust.  

Although the police were notified, Hill says he was afraid to leave his apartment. 

The school allowed him to take medical leave in January. He was then ordered to resign or return to work after seven weeks of unpaid leave.

A native of  Seneca, Hill says it all started when a photo of him and a male companion was posted on Snapchat. Soon after, he became the victim of cyber-bullying which affected his job “and eroded respect for him as a professional.”

The threatening letters targeted his livelihood, one from "A Concerned Patron" read, “I have heard you ain’t in school That’s a darn good start. You better not think about coming back! Queers will burn and so will you. Don’t think my friends and I still ain’t after you. We don’t want fags in our schools.”

In another, Hill was told to “watch your back…since our school administration and school board don’t got the guts todo what’s necessary I’m just going to need to take matters into my own hands….I know where you live.”

An of course "religious views" came into play; another one reading,  “Homosexuals should not be teaching our kids. In fact, I don’t believe they should be teachers at all. They are perverts and predators. They are not acceptable role models for our kids.”

Hill has moved to Palm Springs,“It’s a good place for me to be right now, at this point in my life," he told the Topeka-Capitol Journal.