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Video of woman assaulting two female soldiers goes viral

Judy Tucker assaults two female soldiers, witnesses say her son called them racial slurs.
Photo credit:
LaKeycia Ward

A video has gone viral of a 72-year-old woman confronting two female soldiers in a restaurant apparently over a handicapped parking space.

Judy Tucker and her son are at the forefront of the video after they became slightly physical with the two women dressed in their service fatigues at the Cheddars restaurant in Macon, Georgia.

In the video, Tucker expresses to the women, Stephanie Mitchell and Treasure Sharpe, that she and her son were trying to park, but when one of the soldiers begins to record the conversation Tucker becomes enraged and gets physical.  

“Put that phone down! You do not have the right to take a picture of me!”

Her son is then seen grabbing one of them as they back up to avoid being touched.

The video was captured by LaKeycia Ward who with other witnesses say Tucker’s son followed the women into the eatery and began to verbally abuse them, allegedly calling them “gay black b***hes” and asking loudly “does the military let lesbians serve?”

The altercation gets even nastier when one of the soldiers says she’s pregnant.

“First of all, look at me! I'm pregnant!” she says, “Look at me - You're pushing a pregnant lady!'  

“Oh really? By her?” Tucker's son Robbie fires back on the video.

Tucker then claims that her husband is handicapped, although he doesn’t seem to be present in the video.

Customers then step in to ease the situation trying to separate Tucker, her son and daughter Angie who was also with them according to Hollywood Unlocked

Once outside Tucker is then arrested and taken to Bibb County jail where she was booked on simple battery charges. She was released on bail.

Additional video shows her daughter Angie telling police she had “ten big black guys on her.”

“We saw the whole thing,” says an officer.

Documenting the event on video was important because Tucker’s family are claiming that they were the ones being attacked.

Tucker’s Facebook business page is filled with comments from people who have watched the video and disapprove of her behavior.

Said one Facebook user, "Sad to see such disrespect to our military over something so stupid. You as an adult don’t deserve to enjoy the freedoms you have given by our military veterans. I served in the Marines and believe me you got off easy. You and your pitiful children need a lesson in respect for your fellow man. Go to church and pray you get forgiven."

"Shameful behavior of you and your son. You should be ashamed of yourself!" said another. 

You can see the confrontation below followed by a local news story.