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Hillcrest has one of the most dangerous intersections in San Diego

University and Fourth Avenue in Hillcrest is one of the deadliest in San Diego.
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Hillcrest has one of the most dangerous intersections in the county according to Circulate San Diego.

This week the organization released their list called the “Fatal Fifteen” showing intersections that have experienced the most injuries and deaths.

Although downtown has the most problematic streets, University and Fourth Avenue comes in at number 12 for unsafe traffic.

“Crossing the street is an everyday activity for most San Diegans, but too often it's also one of the most dangerous things they'll do all day. Fixing the ‘Fatal Fifteen’ will provide safe infrastructure and help save lives,” Circulate officials said.

In an effort to make city street safer for pedestrians Circulate San Diego began their Vision Zero program to end unsafe conditions by the year 2025.

“Mayor Faulconer made a commitment in 2015 to prioritize safe streets for people walking, biking, and driving in San Diego,” said Maya Rosas, Director of Policy with Circulate San Diego, “today’s announcement is a vital step in making Vision Zero happen and will save lives.”

Circulate applauds efforts by city officials who are working to improve traffic conditions to save lives. Councilmember Chris Ward represents District 3 where most of the "Fatal Fifteen" are located "without a complete safety treatment."

“Fixing the Fatal Fifteen is a major step towards ending senseless traffic fatalities in San Diego,” said Ward, “we need to ensure the safety of our residents by creating safe, walkable communities.”

Here is the complete list of the Fatal Fifteen: 

1. University Ave. & 52nd St., City Heights

2. 6th Ave. & Broadway, Downtown

3. El Cajon Blvd. & 36th St., Normal Heights/City Heights

4. 4th Ave. & B St., Downtown

5. Coronado Ave. & Thermal Ave., Nestor/Egger Highlands

6. 5th Ave. & B St., Downtown

7. Euclid Ave. & Naranja St., Encanto

8. Broadway & 5th Ave., Downtown

9. 10th Ave. & A St., Downtown

10. 4th Ave. & Market St., Downtown

11. Front St. & Ash St., Downtown

12. University Ave. & 4th Ave., Hillcrest

13. 11th Ave. & Broadway, Downtown

14. Market St. & 6th Ave., Downtown

15. El Cajon Blvd. & 33rd St., Normal Heights/City Heights