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Amazon UK 'Straight Pride' pins draw amusing criticisms

Straight Pride pins go up for sale on Amazon UK, social media claps back.
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Amazon UK

Some straight people in the UK are wearing their pride in the form of a pin which partially resembles the LGBT rainbow flag.

The redundantly described “Straight Heterosexual Pride Wavy Gold Plated Flag Pin Badge” sells for £4.50 on Amazon UK, offered by a company called "1000 Pins" which also sells a variety of LGBT themed adornments.

Of course, social media is not having any of it and critics have taken to their platforms to denounce the accessory mocking its lack of color compared to its rainbow counterpart.

“Straight Satisfaction is seemingly as beige as most straight folks’s personalities,” wrote one Twitter user according to the UK LGBT publication Gay Star News.

“The irony of a straight pride flag being an eye shadow palette,” Ken, another Twitter user quipped.

“Why does the straight pride flag look like a Sephora ‘eye shadow for beginners’ sampler?”

“If I saw someone wearing that I’d assume they really like bacon or something.”

Even straight allies are taking offense to the pin.

“As a straight person I would like to apologize for this abomination,” one said.

As the world prepares for Pride season and many mainstream corporations and products begin rainbow packaging, some anti-gay supporters also take this time to ask, “Why isn’t their straight pride?”

In 2015, Seattle artist and blogger Anthony Rebello tried to organize a Straight Pride parade of which only one person showed up to march with him. 

The Straight Pride movement in Europe started back in 2013 when that country was considering making same-sex marriage legal in England and Wales. 

Supporters claimed then, “Being straight is not easy under the circumstances of our society. Straight people are being persecuted every day by political correctness."

“We need Straight Pride to demonstrate that being heterosexual is nature’s way. We need to crush the gay agenda.” And, “If the gays can have their day, so can normal humans.”

The Pride Flag was created by Gilbert Baker back in 1978. Gilbert passed away in March of last year, and the flag has mostly remained the same in its forty years.

Recently some cities have added a brown or black stripe, or both, to represent people of color in the LGBT spectrum.

Gay Star News says they have reached out to Amazon UK, but have yet to receive a  response