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Man stabbed in Hillcrest Sunday evening

Man stabbed in Hillcrest on Sunday night.
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Police reported that a 51-year-old man was stabbed several times in Hillcrest on Sunday in what police are calling a "brutal attack." They are still searching for the suspect as of this writing.

NBC 7 San Diego reports It happened at about 7:20 pm in front of the McDonalds at the corner of Richmond and University. San Diego police say the victim was stabbed four to five times in the head.

"If anybody has any information, we’d like to get this guy off the street, it was a pretty brutal attack," San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown said. "The sun was still up, it’s not a quiet neighborhood, there’s a lot of people around, so we’d like to get this guy off the street."

The extent of the victim’s injuries and his condition are not known in detail, but police say he is "barely in stable condition."

A police helicopter searched for the suspect which they believe to be a transient, but that claim cannot be confirmed. 

Local resident Jamie Lapierre told the news station that he has lived in Hillcrest for eight years and says he has noticed an increase in crime.

"Every year it's getting worse," he said. "This is a growing concern."

He conveyed that he did not see the attack but heard it, thinking it was a car accident at first.

"This is definitely not what I expected but it's not shocking anymore," he said. "And that's the sad part."

Donald Vella was at the nearby bar The Merrow when he heard the commotion. He said he came out of the bar to find the whole area had been cordoned off.

"This is our neighborhood, we're here every day and it's sad something like this happened," he told NBC 7.

The motive in the attack is unclear at this time.