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Drag queen's dad reads homophobic trolls on social media

Photo credit:
Hannah Conda - Facebook

Australian drag queen Hannah Conda (pictured without makeup above) met with children and read to them in January in a project called “Drag Queen Story Time.” This event was well-received and seemed like a positive way for children not only to discover literature but to ask any questions they may have about the LGBT community.

Even though this happened over two months ago, a well-known homophobic political blogger, Political Posting Mumma (PPM) aka Marijke Rancie only just got wind of the news and took to social media to berate the entertainer.

“DRAG QUEEN STORY TIME IS HERE IN AUSTRALIA,” PPM posted. “I knew it was on its way…but I am still shocked to see that it is actually happening” she then added, “Don't forget to bring a piece of fruit.”

Her supporters quickly jumped on her coattails and subjected Hannah to vitriolic criticisms, something the entertainer said upset her.

But Hannah’s dad Michael Collins aka “Papa Conda” was having none of it and wrote his own rebuttal to Rancie’s post which he originally put on her page, but she deleted it then blocked him. 

Equal Marriage Rights Australia re-printed his lengthy response. Here it is in part: 

"It is an incredibly sad state when so many can only find courage from behind their keyboards to make vile and disgusting statements about an individual they don’t even know and a program they are not even aware of. I find it even more disgusting that the owner of this page, someone who professes and promotes Christian and family values do not act as such, opting to incite nasty and inflammatory diatribe to continue on at the expense of a group or individual.   

I do get that you want to protect your children and at all costs. Well, so do I and I believe all parents should strive for nothing less. But madam, as the father of three beautiful adult children including the one you are now allowing to be ridiculed on your wall because you have a dislike for a particular section of our community. I find this completely unacceptable, demeaning and hateful. As a proud father, I am completely disgusted with you and your followers.

My son is Hannah Conda, a drag queen and a very good one at that, he is one of Sydney's top entertainers. He is a beautiful human being who has dedicated much of his life to his craft, his family and above all his community. He works hard, yes works hard as an entertainer, he pays tax, doesn’t take drugs, doesn’t break the law. He comes from a wonderful and supportive family who have nothing but love, pride, and admiration for him and his chosen path.

I too will do whatever it takes Political Posting Mumma to protect my children, but my job as a parent is to give them a good grounding in their life and to be supportive of their endeavors, to lead by example, guide them to be becoming good citizens in our wider community. So may God help any one of your children if they grow up to have a different slant or lifestyle as you.

Political Posting Mumma, I read this on your Facebook page, perhaps you could take a leaf from your own book.

'A profound & countercultural idea is found in the fact that when one becomes a Mother you are no longer the centre of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. Selfless love rewards us with more than we anticipate, especially if part of that love is committed to reaching the next generation. Be the change you want to see & see it first in your family.'

If you really want to make a difference in the world we live in, start by being a nice person!"