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Man involved in trans woman's death won't be tried judge rules

Kenne McFadden's accused killer will not be tried.
Photo credit:
Kenne McFadden/Facebook

A man in Texas who pushed a transgender woman into a river where she drowned will not go on trial for doing so reports New Now Next.

In April of last year, the body of Kenne McFadden (top left) was found in the San Antonio River. It was ruled a homicide and late last year Mark Daniel Lewis (bottom left*) was charged with the crime.

According to authorities, they believe 27-year-old McFadden was intoxicated as she and Lewis were at the River Walk when Lewis pushed her into the water and she drowned.

At the court hearing on March 8, Lewis, 20, says he kissed McFadden and she groped him. He admits pushing her away, but the death was an accident. “I didn’t mean to push him into the river,” said Lewis misgendering McFadden.

District Court Judge Joey Contreras said after the testimony that it was not a case of manslaughter, “This is a terrible tragedy that occurred,” he said. Lewis also failed to register as a sex offender in a previous unrelated case and was on probation, but Judge Contreras said Lewis was not in violation of that probation.

Double jeopardy laws will now prevent Lewis from being charged with the same crime. The ruling was met with outrage from family members, McFadden mother had to be taken to the hospital after she collapsed.

A local rally demanding justice for Kenne will be held on March 13.

“We refuse to go away and will show up to make our voices heard," organizers wrote on Facebook.

*Bexar County Sheriff's Office