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Hamburger Mary's sued by woman injured by drag queen's breasts

Tampa Florida Mary's subject of lawsuit after drag queen "motor boats" guest.
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Hamburger Mary's in Tampa Florida is getting sued by a 53-year-old Denver woman after she allegedly suffered physical damage when a drag performer began "shaking her breasts" on her face and neck. 

The plaintiff, Neldin Molina, says she has brought on the $1.5 million lawsuit after she visited the iconic eatery back in 2015.  

According to The Miami Herald, Molina just wanted something to eat and wasn't warned of the floor show or physical participation that would ensue. Her lunch would eventually land her in the hospital with "excruciating pain." 

Molina says she was at the restaurant with friends at about 8:45 pm. The drag show started and Molina turned around to watch. One performer named Amanda D’Hod [sic] eventually came out into the audience and approached Molina who desperately tried to ignore the performer. 

But according to the complaint, D'Hod positioned themselves in front of the guest and began "shaking her breasts on Molina’s face and neck nearly 10 times and then 'violently' pounding the Colorado woman’s face against D’Hod’s breasts 'up to 9 times' more."

This sent Molina to the hospital according to the report; she suffered “excruciating cervical pain and uncontrollable headaches." Molina says the damage is permanent. 

Molina also claims the restaurant's insurance company took "months" to get back to her before saying her injuries weren't covered, "under its general liability policy."

The victim says the artist had a “lack of concern” before “deciding to take such a violent act.”

“It’s not a good thing for anyone to go up to someone and perform that way,” Molina told the Tampa Bay Times. “There are a lot of people who have medical issues. I wasn’t aware that this was going to happen.”