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LGBT community member recovering from Ocean Beach baseball bat assault

Longtime activist and Hillcrest community member is recovering after being attacked by a baseball bat.
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Christian Fischer

These days, masseuse Christian Fischer (above left) who is also a former Miss Gay Pride San Diego, is usually the one helping others to heal both physically and spiritually with crystals and oils at his pop-up shop in Ocean Beach. But today he is the one recovering from a violent attack which will forever affect his livelihood.

Fischer says on the evening of February 18, he was selling his merchandise along with other vendors at the seawall near the Ocean Beach Pier. He made a gemstone transaction with a gentleman at about 6:30 pm. The man left but returned soon after accusing Fischer of overcharging him by $10.

“The price for that crystal was over $100, but I sold it to him for $50 because he is also an artist,” says Fischer.

Although the buyer received a refund after complaining, according to Fischer, the man threatened him before leaving, saying he would "clear him out of Ocean Beach."

Five minutes later, Fischer says a man on a skateboard rode by and grabbed artwork from his friend Megan’s table situated next to him. This led to Fischer pursuing the skater which ended on Niagara, a nearby side street. The thief fell off his skateboard and Fischer retrieved the merchandise.

“When I caught him and got the art back is when the other guy clocked me with a skateboard,” says Fischer noting it was the same man he had given the refund to earlier, “and then I realized this was his ‘clear me out of OB’ plan.” 

Suffering pain from the bump on his head, Fischer says he thought he could smooth things over with the assailant and went over to talk to him after returning the stolen artwork to his friend.

But as he approached, Fischer says that’s when the man went into the trunk of his car and got a metal baseball bat, “He demolished my arm which doctors said if I hadn't blocked my face I’d be dead,” says Fischer. “He hit me four other times, cracking two ribs, and then I got away.”

According to San Diego Police, this happened between the hours of 6:45 pm and 7:00 pm, “No one is in custody at this time," they told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News 

"Police are pressing charges of assault with a deadly weapon but he has yet to be caught," said Fischer. 

Along with being Miss Gay Pride In 2013, Fischer says he was once heavily involved in the Hillcrest scene, working at both Urban Mo's and Gossip Grill. He was also active in raising money for the community. 

"I ran fundraisers with my drag performance collective known as Tribal Entertainment at Flicks, Rich's, Gossip Grill, Mo's, 1202, #1 Fifth Avenue, and Spin Nightclub," he says. 

Today he not only sells healing alternative therapies but creates entertainment for Burning Man among other events, while also running shows in Reno, Tuscon, and Oregon.

Because of his injuries, Fischer is now worried about his livelihood, "I'll never have full movement in my arm and have no idea how I will continue creating my art as an artist and healer who uses both hands to create and do massage."

If you have any information about this case, you can contact San Diego Police Department at 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154.