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Lestat's West Music Venue "likely to close at the end of the month"

Lestat's Coffee House likely to close its sister music venue.
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The long-standing sister venue of Lestat’s in Normal Heights is “likely to close” at the end of March says owner John Husler.

Lestat's West Music Venue leaked the news through their Facebook newsfeed on Monday: "This is it, folks, come out and support the venue. *** Lestat's West Music Venue closing at the end of March ***"

Husler confirmed the news, but nothing has been made official, chalking up the posting to a disheartened employee at the venue.

"The closure [of the music venue] is not set in stone, but it's likely to close at the end of the month.” Husler said, adding, it's "more than likely that the theater will close, probably to reopen in 18 months with more of a community focus."

This potential closure will not affect any of the popular coffeehouse locations, including the one next to the music venue or the other cafes in University Heights and Hillcrest.  

Lestat's West Music Venue opened in 2006 and has hosted many bands who either have popular followings or are just getting their feet in the door.

The small stage "hasn't been profitable, and that's the issue," says Husler and discussions about its closure have been ongoing since 2016. He notes that the decline in live music is probably because Millennials want to see famous bands not unknown local ones.  

"It's never been profitable, but it was more cost-neutral [in the past]," Husler told NBC San Diego

The theater will possibly re-open in 2019 or 2020, and will be a place for community events including church functions, and SDSU gatherings or "events that are more attractive to millennials," he said.

Open mic nights, poetry slams and standup comedy are not gone forever, Husler says these have been extremely popular in the past.