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LGBT "March4Trump" rally draws sparse crowd in Washington D.C.

"March4Trump" rally was held in Washington this past Sunday.
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Wikimedia Commons

Another "Gays For Trump" rally has come and gone and despite organization President Peter Boykin calling it a triumph, the turnout was less than stellar.

The Washington Blade reports that about 100 people showed up to the actual gathering named "March4Trump" and only couple dozen marched to the White House afterward. 

There were no scheduled speakers according to LGBTQ Nation, but Boykin addressed the sparse crowd praising the Commander in Chief.

Donald Trump has delivered for us every single day,” Boykin said. “And you can see here our president has drained the swamp in Washington as he has promised.”

He then motioned to the seasonally drained reflecting pool at the National Mall.   

“We love a president who is open and honest,” Boykin added. “We don’t have the fireside chats. We have his Tweets at 3 in the morning.”

Boykin blamed bad weather for the low attendance saying, “A lot of people stayed home and organized local Trump rallies. For every one person here there are 1,000 Trump supporters who could not be here today.”

The tiny procession, carrying a few rainbow flags, made their way to the White House holding signs reading “Gays For Trump.”