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Female lion sprouts mane, confusing veterinarians

Bridget the Lion grows mane to the bewilderment of veterinarians.
Photo credit:
Oklahoma City Zoo

Although there may be a medical reason why Bridget the lion suddenly grew a mane, some have deemed her as being “trans.”

The animal has baffled her veterinarian caregivers as to the reason why she suddenly grew what is normally seen on males, but the 18-year-old cat seems to be fine with it.  

“At first, you’re kind of like, well, that’s a little different,” the zoo’s director of veterinary services Jennifer D’Agostino told Indy100.

She adds, “Then it kind of kept going to the point where it was like, wow, it looks like she’s growing a mane.”

Bridget is currently living in the Oklahoma City Zoo. and although lionesses can grow manes in the wild, what is different about Bridget is the age at which it appeared which may mean there is a problem with the cat's ovaries, adrenal gland or pituitary gland. 

Veterinarians are less worried about the sudden hair growth than they are about her testosterone levels which may indicate a tumor. 

Pink News reports that the medical staff are currently running a complete blood panel and awaiting those results.

Meanwhile, they say will not crop the hair and as long as Bridget is fine with it, they are too.

“If it’s not going to affect her health in any way,” D’Agostino said, “the fact that she has a little bit of a mane is not that big a deal.”