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Male couple chided by restaurant owner for small kiss on Valentine's Day

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What was supposed to be a day to celebrate their love for each other turned into an uncomfortable situation with a restaurant owner who told them customers were uncomfortable with them kissing.

Angus Reilly and Sam Anderson were dining at the Mumbai Inn in Leicester, England on Valentine’s Day and sealed their gift exchange with a small kiss.

The owner Andaz Rana then came over and relayed that another customer was ill at ease with their public affection and that the restaurant was a “family-friendly” place of business.

“I was so shocked. Then we got up and left straight away,” said Anderson.

According to New Now Next, another server saw the exchange and came over to give the couple a hug after admitting that her boss was being homophobic.

“What so upset us was the intimidating way he went about it and the fact he referenced it was a ’family-friendly’ restaurant, as if being a gay couple is something that not is family friendly,” Anderson continued. “We did not feel comfortable in that restaurant—We did not feel wanted.”

Rana made amends with couple apologizing to them saying he does not discriminate against any of his customers. He explained that there were other patrons with a child who were uncomfortable.

Social media has berated the Mumbai Inn with negative reviews including a boycott.