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Same-sex couple say Solana Beach school told them son was not a "good match"

San Diego gay couple say Santa Fe Christian Schools dissuaded them from having their son attend their school.
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Trying to get their son into a private Christian School, one Solana Beach same-sex couple said he was dissuaded from attending because they are gay.

Matthew Bosse and Joe Mosca think their 10-year-old son is an exceptional student, both in arts and sports, so they reached out to people in their social circle for suggestions on a middle school.

This led them to inquire about Santa Fe Christian Schools (SFCS) in Solana Beach according to ABC 10.

But the initial phone call to the school took Bosse by surprise after he revealed he was married to another man.

“That’s when she essentially said the values that are taught at the home are the values that are taught at school and we don’t think your family would be a good match,” said Bosse.

The men say they do have Christian values and regularly attend a local Episcopalian church.

“You never expect to encounter such over discrimination,” said Mosca, who is also the Deputy Mayor of Encinitas.

SFCS is privately owned and therefore does not have to abide by state or federal anti-discrimination laws. The school released this statement to ABC 10:

"While we do not provide details on matters involving students or prospective students, I can say that our policy is to encourage the family of any student committed to academic excellence and spiritual development to apply.

As a matter of practice, we do not attempt to persuade or dissuade prospective families from applying.

At the same time, as part of the admissions process, we make clear to prospective applicants that they will be joining a Bible-based community designed to disciple students to embrace biblical truth.

This is our mission and our purpose, and a vital component of the SFCS experience.”

The dads are not too concerned with the results of their inquiry but would like the school to understand what they are doing when they discourage enrollment based someone's family dynamic. 

“We hope that they do some introspection,” said Bosse, “really, they discriminated against our son.”