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Vanessa Trump hospitalized after inhaling powder inside envelope sent to her husband

Vanessa Trump hospitalized after opening mysterious letter containing white powder.
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Wikimedia Commons

Vanessa Trump, wife of Donald Trump Jr. was sent to the hospital after she opened an envelope at her Manhattan home and inhaled a mysterious white powder according to the Associated Press.

It happened shortly after 10 am Monday morning when Mrs. Trump started coughing and became nauseous after opening a letter addressed to her husband. She called 911.

She did not suffer any complications from the exposure and was examined at the scene. 

They took her to the hospital as a precautionary measure reports Fox News. The white powder has not been identified.

Donald Trump Jr. is the president’s oldest child. In 2017 his brother Eric was sent a threatening letter which also contained a mysterious white powder.

The White House and Secret Service have not yet made a comment about this latest event.

The New York Police Department is currently at the scene doing investigations along with a hazmat unit.