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Trans activist Ashlee Marie Preston withdraws from race for CA State Assembly seat

Ashley Marie Preston steps out of CA race for Assembly seat.
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Trans activist Ashlee Marie Preston has withdrawn from the running to take a seat at  California’s District 54 State Assembly.

In an interview with Dawn Ennis at The Daily Beast, Preston says she just doesn’t have time enough to do everything a campaign such as hers would require so she had to make the difficult decision to walk away.

Preston has been very vocal about where she stands on trans rights and those who call themselves allies. She confronted Caitlyn Jenner at a music benefit back in 2017, calling her an "[expletive] fraud!" The clash was caught on camera and quickly went viral.

Afterward, she told the HuffPo, "Caitlyn Jenner is a textbook case on cognitive dissonance and her vote against her own supposed interests made that evident,” Preston said. “Her commentary and actions have carried real consequences for the transgender community; people who aren’t afforded the same protections and privilege as she has.”

Preston is not giving specifics surrounding her sudden bow from the race, other than to say it was spurred by "dirty tricks." 

"We have to be mindful of who we let into our spaces,” Preston responded by phone to The Daily Beast when pressed for details. “When given the opportunity to raise up other voices, some people who make a big show of being supporters actually oppress and resort to dirty tricks. But there were so many people who did stand up and support me, and those are the people I want to acknowledge. And I will be doing that.”

She says contributions toward her campaign will be returned, but “some funds were used to pay staff, and those will not be refunded. But I will reverse and refund what was given after a certain date,” she said.