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Anti-gay religious group purchases historic gay club for their new offices

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A religious group has found the perfect location for its offices in their search for real estate: A former gay nightclub.

Ohio’s Bretz Nightclub, in Toledo, shuttered just before Christmas, at the same Greater Toledo House of Prayer (GTHOP)  was looking to expand their offices according to New Now Next.

The conservative group is not gay-friendly and according to their website oppose “living in, practicing, condoning, or supporting sex outside of marriage, adultery, homosexuality, bisexuality, bestiality, incest, gender identity different than the birth sex… pornography, or other sexual immorality.”

The local LGBT community is mourning the iconic club’s closure. The church says it had nothing to do with closing Bretz's doors for good. Further, they also don’t like being called a “hate group.”

The board said in a statement.“GTHOP is a prayer and worship ministry, where individuals and worship teams commit to maintaining a climate of worship and prayer in the Toledo community."

This history of Bretz starts over thirty years ago during the AIDS crisis. Owner Greg Knott’s goal was to make the nightclub a fun safe space where families and the community could gather for things like the holidays.

“This place was built from the ground up to serve the gay community,” Steve Witker, a longtime employee of the bar told the Toledo City Paper. “[Greg’s] view was that it wasn’t just a bar—it was a community resource.”

In 2007 Knott sold Bretz to Michelle Woda. Knott passed away three years later with Woda trying but failing to get an interested buyer. She eventually decided to close it for good.

The church organization bought the space for $148,000 early in January.