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"Patriotic Picnic" group headed back to Chicano Park this weekend

Patriotic group to visit Chicano Park this weekend.
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The group “Patriotic Picnic” is headed back to Chicano Park this weekend despite last year’s controversial visit which was motivated by their desire to “topple” the Latino historical space in retaliation to the removal of a Confederate marker in Horton Plaza last September.

They wanted to “take down” the site they describe as being a “perverse” monument to racism.  

They accuse the La Raza/Chicano movement of being inspired by Nazism or a “reverse-racialist, anti-white concept,” and the park as “a monument to the Aztecs, who performed mass human sacrifice and took part in ritualistic cannibalism.”

Spurred on by a call to action from the blog "Patriot Fire," the handful of people who showed up for the “Patriotic Picnic” were met by counter-protestors partaking in a demonstration of their own, with police stationed nearby.

Far-right publication Breitbart released a false news story about the event, saying a “violent mob” had driven out the picnic participants, but that description turned out to be hyperbolic.There were verbal chants from both sides, and police did escort the group away, but no physical assaults or injuries were reported.

Patriotic Picnic's  event details on social media say they need help in raising "our American flag in Atzlan(sic)" making reference to attendees using the word "us" in unbroken succession. 

"ususususususAMERICAN’SUNITE…” with a call for “usONLY American Flags or State Flags Please.”

The Brown Berets National Organization has organized a counter-protest called "No Nazis" on Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.

The Patriotic Picnic is scheduled at Chicano Park for Saturday, February 3, at 10 am. So far 123 people have shown interest in attending.