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Alabama passes bill that removes requirement of marriage licenses

Alabama Senate passes bill which alleviates marriage license requirement.
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A new bill has passed the Alabama Senate in which couples, gay or straight, won’t need to hand a marriage license to probate judges or have an official ceremony in order to make the union legal.

The bill requires that couples only need to submit an affidavit to a judge which proves age, or parental consent and that the individuals are not related by blood or adoption.

The cost would remain the same as a regular marriage license.

This proposal has direct ties to same-sex marriage. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in 2015, some Alabama judges, legally so, refused to issue licenses.

The sponsor, Sen. Greg Albritton (R), expressed his opinion from the floor, emphasizing how this bill is a wall of separation. 

“What this bill does is that it truly separates the church and the state,” Albritton said on Tuesday. “The state has an obligation to deal with marriage when it deals with the matter of contract law. The church and individuals have the obligation of marriage when it comes to the sanctity and the solemnity and the permanence of marriage. Those things are separate here.”

Sen. Albritton has tried to pass this bill four times previously. The vote this time was nearly unanimous with only one nay out of 20.