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OC teen's murder may have resulted from a gay kiss

20-year-old is suspected of stabbing to death another man who he claims tried to kiss him.
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Blaze Bernstein, an Orange County Calif., native and University of Pennsylvania pre-med student, was found dead this month while visiting his parents over the winter break.

The 19-year-old was reported missing after he failed to show up for a dental appointment on January 3. His body was found in a shallow grave in Borrego Park close to his parent’s home.

He had been stabbed more than 20 times according to The Advocate.

Samuel Lincoln Woodward, 20, was arrested a few days later. Social media records showed that Woodward had picked up Bernstein the night of his disappearance.

Woodward also had scratches on his hands police say and his accounts of that night were inconsistent. They also found blood on a sleeping bag in Woodward's possession was that of Bernstein. 

This past June texts from Bernstein show him telling friends that Woodward, "hit on me" and "he made me promise not to tell anyone … but I have texted every one, uh oh." 

That is in contrast to what Woodward told police. He said it was Bernstein who came on to him in Borrego Park and that he kissed him. He says he shoved Bernstein away according to the Orange County Register.

The article continues to say Woodward said with clenched jaw and fists, he wanted Blaze to, “get off him.”

Social media postings also show that Woodward defended the use of the Confederate flag, liked guns and the Bible. 

This may fall into a type of “gay panic,” however that defense is now illegal in California.

No weapon has been found in this case.