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"Mini" Target moving into North Park this November

Target heading to North Park, taking over old Wang's Restaurant building.
Photo credit:
Mike Mozart

It looks as though Target will be moving one of their "mini" stores into North Park, taking over the old Wang's Restaurant space. It is scheduled to open in November 2018.

This news has been circulating through the North Park community since last August but today Target made it official and signed a lease for the 35,200-square-foot store located at University and Ohio Street.

The big box giant says they will not ruin the atmosphere of the historic neighborhood but hope to retain its character.

The retailer has been trying to expand its brand to reach urban areas, there is currently one in South Park which opened in 2015, the same year the still-empty Wang's closed.

Some people are not happy with a big corporation moving into areas where small businesses cater to the community.

Residents in the notoriously anti-corporate community of Ocean Beach were not happy when Target sent scouts to that area last year, searching for another space for this format. 

The North Park store will employ about 50 people and carry select apparel, toys, beauty goods and groceries. It will also house a CVS pharmacy.

Target has met with councilmember Chris Ward and local officials to better determine the needs of the community.