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Petition hopes to stop "hate preacher" headed to Jamaica

Petition hopes to stop this homophobic pastor from visiting Jamaica.
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The Arizona "hate preacher" who said gays should be put to death and the Pulse massacre was warranted because it was against, “a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles” is headed to Jamaica, but thousands of people are trying to stop him online.

Over 4,000 people have already signed the Change.org petition against Steven Anderson according to Pink News.

The petition reads in part that Anderson, “is an American hate preacher who has been banned from several countries, including Canada, UK, Botswana and South Africa. He is scheduled to arrive on the island on January 29, 2018.”

Anderson was banned from South Africa in 2016 because of laws banning "foreigners likely to promote hate speech or advocate violence."

The petitioners say the pastor has no respect for humanity and doesn't practice "democratic ideals."

It continues:

"Pastor Anderson’s messages attack and demean women, seeing women as second class citizens, unequal to men, discrediting them as holistic beings who are workers, academics and leaders.

The Pastor refers to women as “home keepers and not office keepers” and sees women who work as having loose morals. These assertions erase the achievements that the women’s movement in Botswana has made over the years.

By calling for the killing of gay people, Pastor Andersons’ messages are homophobic and condone violence against fellow human beings and a group that is already marginalized.

We the People, are asking the Jamaican Government to show leadership and stand as an example to fellow Caribbean countries to denounce terrorism.and violence against marginalized groups."