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Man impersonated doctor at hospital to snag potential boyfriend

Nicholas Brett Delaney wanted a boyfriend so bad he impersonated a doctor reports say.
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In what sounds like a plot to a Hollywood movie, a man in Australia reportedly pretended to be a doctor to “find a boyfriend” at a local hospital.

Nicholas Brett Delaney, 25, got away with it too, that is until he was exposed six months later by staff who questioned his authenticity after he mispronounced basic medical terms.

Delaney told authorities he was trying to impress potential male partners while posing as the physician and he was too embarrassed to admit he was a fraud later on. 

He made regular visits to Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House between May and December of 2017.

Hospital authorities are examining their security protocols, Delaney was found with a hospital lanyard which was apparently enough to give him access to staff-only parts of the hospital.

Officials say he didn't have access to patients. 

He's been charged with two counts of entering a premises with intent and one of attempted fraud.