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People who live in their RVs say they are suing City

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ABC 10 News

People who live in their RVs in San Diego say they have filed a class-action lawsuit against the city On Thursday, because of its Oversized Vehicle Ordinance.

The law says an RV cannot be parked on a city street between 2 am and 6 am unless they have a permit.

The ordinance was put in place to deter RVs from becoming neighborhood eyesores.

Marla Lovell told 10 News that some RVs remain parked on the street for several weeks without moving, “They don't get towed. People, I think, live in them. I don't think they are moving them when they are supposed to."

But people who live in those RVs say they are being constantly harassed by police and cannot afford to pay for the tickets they receive or get their vehicles out of the impound.  

On Thursday, a group of residents together with homeless advocacy programs gathered at Balboa Park for a news conference to address the lawsuit against San Diego.

Valerie Grischy says she started living in her RV after an injury left her disabled, but finds it “impossible” to live in it because of local laws.

Another person, Kelly Manely said he once lived in his RV in Campo, but relocated it to San Diego to care for his sick brother, but since doing so has racked up almost $600 in fines which he cannot pay.

"I don't think it's right," he said of the city ordinances. "I think you should be able to park anywhere if you're paying registration."

After the conference, the group drove their RVs through downtown.

 San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott wrote in a statement, “We have not been served and have not seen the complaint.  We will review the complaint and advise our client accordingly.  We look forward to continuing to assist the City in tackling issues related to persons experiencing homelessness.”