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People say 'yes' to marriage equality in Australia

The people have spoken overwhelmingly to approve same-sex marriage in Australia.
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Today the Australian Statistics Bureau revealed the results of their public vote on marriage equality and the people have said yes!

It was a 61.6% to 38.4% margin with a reported 12.7 million Australians turning in ballots before the November 7 deadline.

Although this is only a survey and not legally binding, it shows that citizens are in favor of equality and this may push parliament to a new law as early as Christmas.

According to New Now Next, Liberal Party Senator Dean Smith says he will introduce a same-sex marriage bill and will begin debates on Thursday.

But this is only the beginning. Anti-LGBT MPs say they will not concede even if the public backs marriage equality.

Two bills will go before parliament one by a coalition of same-sex marriage supporters led by Dean Smith and another by a right-wing senator James Paterson who will support marriage equality but not without religious freedoms attached.

This mirrors the same concept of bills introduced in America which allow people with religious convictions to discriminate against LGBT people in business and retail.

But the good news is Prime Minister of Australia Malcom Turnbull dismissed Paterson's marginalizing bill saying it has "no prospect" of passing. 

Anna Brown of the Equality Campaign said in a statement:

"This is not a marriage equality bill. It’s about enshrining discrimination and taking Australia back decades.

Australians are voting to make our country a fairer and more equal place, not to take us back to a time where people can be denied service at a shop.

‘We are confident that the majority of parliamentarians are sensible and will see this for what it is and not wind Australia back decades.

Australians have voted for equality, not more discrimination. Australians believe in a fair go for all – this Bill goes completely against what people have voted for."

Smith's proposal was endorsed Monday by Senators from the Liberal, Labor and Green parties.