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Model David Byers faces prison sentence after string of robberies

David Byers was arrested in North Park last May and will face sentencing in January for armed robbery.
Photo credit:
Michael Stokes Photography

David Byers of Solana Beach who was arrested in San Diego this past May has pleaded guilty to a Connecticut.judge for a series of robberies he committed on the east coast. 

Byers, 34, was previously most famous for gracing the covers of romance novels and modeling for an editorial in Michael Stokes’ “Exhibition,” a hardcover book detailing the male form.

According to the Los Angeles Times, The tattoed model began his crime spree on Long Island when he robbed a gas station at gunpoint wearing a bandana over his face.

From there he held up a Chase bank north of Stony Brook, stealing just over $2,000.  

Five days later on April 24, 2017, he held up a gas station in Greenwich Conn., and then robbed another Chase bank the next day, making off with over $8,000 the first time and $3,000 after he robbed it again a day later.

His string of robberies ignited a manhunt, in which he narrowly escaped the police thus beginning his nationwide journey to the west coast as a fugitive. 

He eluded police again in Pennsylvania according to reports, stole another car and continued to west to California after nearly getting caught in Arizona. 

Eventually, the model ended up in San Diego at a liquor store on 30th and Upas Streets. Police were able to distract Byers with a flash-bang grenade and take him into custody.

His sentencing will be on January 30, where he could face 20 years behind bars in a federal prison.